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Classes are challenging but they help prepare you for the next step. Workload is just right

Introduction of the IDS degree option helped open up new worlds plus BACHE system helps you find courses your school may not have

It is challenging at times but it is also the graduate level and I expected that. To be honest I actually expected it to be more difficult than it is. Everyone involved is extremely helpful and kind including professors, supervisors, and other staff. Students are nice and we all get along very well, surprisingly not that cliquey.

This is a pretty easy process, the advisor was extremely helpful for this. For the most part I feel like it is unfair for me to give my input as I only have one option for classes each term unless I elect to do more. We have our own space in our building with a kitchen and everything for the students which is nice because as graduate students we basically live there.



The University of Montevallo, founded in 1896, is a public, liberal arts institution. Its 160-acre campus is located in Montevallo, 30 miles south of Birmingham.

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